paul_132_crop1_l5ia_atrc Paul Nance – Lead Vocals/Harmonica ~~~Paul has always had a love for music and at a young age, he started singing as well as picked up a harmonica and immediately took to it.  He has been an entertainer for all of his life and has always enjoyed making people smile with his music.  He entertained while he was in the service as well as entertaining in his current job.  Paul has a special love for jazz and blues and this has greatly influenced his music style.  He truly enjoys making the audience a part of the show.
ron_274_crop1_cy0t Ron Puccetti – Lead Guitarist/Vocals ~~~ Ron has been in the PacNW since 2006 and is a native of the San Francisco Bay area.  He has been playing professionally since 1985 and with Cylas since 2007.  Ron is a true Rock n’ Roller at heart, and lives and loves to play music.  When Ron is not rockin’ it with Cylas, he is a full time Luthier (that’s a guitar mechanic) in the South Sound. Yeah………..he’s in deep, and loves every minute of it.
tom_103_crop1_45z1 Tom Wolfe – Drummer ~~~ Tom is a native of Washington.  He was exposed to music at a young age, along with the mandatory piano lessons. He picked up his older brother’s drum sticks at an early age and continued playing on his drums until he started playing the trumpet in school.  Tom continued with the horn for 6 to 7 years playing in the jazz band and local competitions.  He didn’t do much drumming at that time and went to college focused on his aspirations in sports.   After a number of years, Tom picked up the sticks again in 2004 and started Cylas.  Tom has worked hard and truly enjoys performing.  He has met a number of great people through music and is grateful for the opportunity to work with Ron, Paul and Kenny!